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Contidion: new, Brand: Margarita, Supplier: Tatiana Fashions, A new and revolutionary underwire convertible bra endorsed by Extreme Makeover plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Man to wear five different ways: two strap, clear two strap, racer back, backless or halter. Built-in sculpted graduated cups are designed to create a natural cosmetically enhanced look. Provides lift and slight separation to offer a fuller and firmer appearance both in and out of clothing. Also includes liquid lifting pads that easily insert into the cups for additional cleavage.Three types of straps included: Super clear, classic and a low-back halter strap for use with backless dresses.Made of imported nylon/Lycra spandex mix with microfiber technology that provides the softest, perfect shape and fit. Compatible with the entire line of bra straps available from Tatiana. Size Tip: Because the bra offers a padded cup, your normal cup size might be too small. For example if you normally wear a size 32A you may need 32B. Zamboanga Shopping

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