Deluxe 6 Can Insulated Soft Cooler Bag, Blue&Green, 4.5L, (24*14*16.5CM)-PS-SPO14329861-JACKY00397


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Ships From Hong Kong. Take it with you wherever you go – work, school or to the market. Perfect for the camping, barbecue, beach, boat, or just lounging by the pool. Our lightweight large insulated hot or cold cooler bag is perfect for all kinds of food – hot or cold. It features a hot/cold lining, a full zipper closure, drop in board insert and is recyclable. It also features a lead free foil lining interior. Dimensions: 24*14*16.5cm. Center that’s insulated to keep food and beverages cold. Features a hot/cold lining. Made from oxford fabric. Full zipper closure. Dimensions: 24*14*16.5cm.

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