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Car Stickers,Scratch Blocking,Decorative Applique/Decals,Butterfly Type,F3


Car Stickers,Scratch Blocking,Decorative Applique/Decals,Butterfly Type,F3

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Ships from Hong Kong. This product is made of high-quality material. Useful and durable. A variety of designs are available, making it a good choice for car. Safe, sanitary, no smell, light weight, easy to paste. When tearing off the backing paper, some loose stickers may stick to the bottom paper. Please use your fingers to push it back onto the transfer film. It is a good product for you. The dimensions are shown in the sub-picture. Main Material: Sticker. Useful and durable. Waterproof, sunscreen, cover scratches, high-quality adhesive, do not hurt the car paint. Cleaning and wipe dry the paste position, tearing on back of the bottom paper, adjusting position and pasting, scraping stickers and leveling bubble, by way of transverse tear the film, complete the effect. Please note: After the paste, please do not wash the car within three days.

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