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Bug Release All Surface Bug Remover – 2 oz Bottle


Bug Release All Surface Bug Remover – 2 oz Bottle

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Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly removes bugs and residue
  • Neutralizes acidic bug proteins
  • Safe for all vehicles’ paint, chrome, glass and plastics
  • Non Toxic — biodegradable
  • Use as a presoak or spot cleaner

WIZARDS® BUG RELEASE’" is a powerful and effective cleaner specifically formulated to soften and neutralize the acidic proteins found in bugs. This neutralization process safely releases bug residue without attacking or damaging surfaces, including paint, chrome, glass and plastic.

BUG RELEASE’" is very effective as a presoak. When BUG RELEASE’" is sprayed on bug-coated areas before washing the vehicle, the residue becomes very soft and easily washes away. BUG RELEASE’" can also be used as an effective spot cleaner of bug residue on mirrors, grills and trim. Quickly removing bugs prevents spotting and staining of the surface. BUG RELEASE’" is non-toxic, biodegradable and comes ready-to-use in a convenient spray bottle.

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