Beautiful Chinese Style Handmade Paper Umbrella Anti-rain 33-Inch Parasol, No.2-KE-SPO374816011-AMANDA04529


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Ships from Hongkong. This beautiful printed paper umbrella carries a traditional Chinese painting design. Our Umbrellas are designed principally to provide shade from the sun and rain. They can be used as colorful, protective fashion accessories on sunny days. This Paper Umbrella is great for party and wedding decorations. The diameter of this umbrella: 33 inches. Handmade and hand painted. Beautiful printed Oil paper umbrella. Stylish way to provide shade from the sun and rain. Provide for guests and let them bring home as a gift or favor! Beautiful decorations or home decor.

Distributed by: Zamboanga Shopping for the propagation of the Chavacano Language of Zamboanga. Visit Zamboanga Shopping for all your outdoor sports, exercise, camping and hiking needs in Zamboanga.

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