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Contidion: new, Brand: East Majik, Supplier: George & Jimmy Creative Ltd, Zamboanga Shopping

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Ships from Hong Kong. This is a perfect bag for snacks, toys, and travel – from the park to the plane. This bright drawstring bag is an ideal size for transporting her/his swim gear or PE kit. Essentials for the gym and short trips. This simple and stylish little specimen is ideally suited to easily store away the essentials. Put it on your back and you won’t even notice it’s there when out on short excursions or bike trips. Material: Canvas. Size: about 32*39 cm/ 12.6*15.4 inches, big enough to carry small part that is necessities for you. Perfect for day outings that just need a little something to carry phone, keys, wallet in, with room for items from shopping, carrying to work, taking on the bus. Drawstring closure design is comfortable convenient and easy to carry, an ideal gift for children student and teen girls. Perfect for gym, school, hiking, traveling, or simply give out as party favors for activities! A great easy care bag for storing gym gear, shoes and other items. Washing is not recommended since the pattern was printed up, the colors may bleed when you wash.

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