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Ships from Hong Kong. Long-term use of diapers for babies, especially in the hot summer, may cause the baby buttocks airtight or uncomfortable situation, but do not have diapers, afraid of the baby wet the bed, so it caused our troubles. This affordable diaper has a waterproof effect and a soft material that gives the baby a comfortable night’s sleep. This diaper can be used not only for baby, but also as a female menstrual pad, the elderly care pad, etc., it is worth your own. Please note that there may be a little deviation due to different measurement methods. Affordable baby diapers / menstrual pads / nursing pads for the elderly. Material: cotton, Waterproof cloth, washing machine available. Size: 100 * 80cm (39 * 31.5in). Material waterproof breathable, soft and comfortable. A variety of purposes, the elderly, adults, children can be used.

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