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Ships from Hong Kong. These feathers can be used in all kinds of crafts or as decorative accessories for various objects. They are suitable for craft class, home decoration, holiday, weddings and party decorations, clothing and hat adornment. For DIY craft project, such as DIY earrings, necklace, pendant, Dream Catcher, wind chime etc. Please note: the feathers might be slight different in size, length and shape. Package: included about 50 pieces decorative feathers. Size: Approx 23-30 cm (9-11.8 inches). DIY Craft Wedding Home Party Decorations. Please note: The feather might vary from different size and not exactly the same shape. Great for DIY craft projects, dream catcher, hair accessories, floral arrangements, jewelry making, feather masks, costume accessories and hat trims. These decorative craft feathers can be use for wall art, craft classes, birthday party, wedding party, baby shower, festival party, themed party.

Distributed by: Zamboanga Shopping for the propagation of the Chavacano Language of Zamboanga

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