50 pcs-1000 pcs of Moringa oleifera seeds with high germination rate can prevent many diseases. Moringa oleifera seeds are deliv


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50 pcs-1000 pcs of Moringa oleifera seeds with 99% high germination rate are delivered free of charge
Spicy trees mainly grow in India and Africa, so we are not very familiar with it. It is rich in calcium, protein, low lipid and other nutrients.
Efficacy and function of Moringa oleifera
1. Diabetes
In India’s traditional medical system, spicy trees are used to treat diabetes. E. Makknen et al. Addis Ababa University and others, e. makknen et al. Through the rabbit test, found that horseradish leaf has hypoglycemic effect, can reduce blood glucose within 3 hours. The treatment of diabetic components in horseradish leaves has entered the stage of systematic purification and formulation. In the 21st century, this is the century of biotechnology.
2. Osteoporosis
From the test results, it can be concluded that there are high calcium plants in pungent trees, and 1320mg calcium is contained in every 100g dry powder of spice leaves. As long as 75g can provide 1000mg of male’s daily calcium of 60g, it can provide 800mg of female’s daily calcium. For the elderly, although the diet is not much, but eat a few spoonfuls of hot wood leaves every day. The powder is absolutely acceptable. As long as you stick to it every day, you can avoid osteoporosis. There are many health measures for hot trees to keep healthy. Hot wood also contains a lot of white ammonia, emphasizing the loss of fat rather than muscle protein when losing weight, and high calcium is an important condition of diet. It can be seen that the leaves of horseradish are ideal materials for diet.
3. Hypertension
The leaves of Moringa oleifera are high in potassium, which helps to counteract the high sodium diet people are accustomed to: a high sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure, and a high potassium diet can prevent hypertension. Indians believe that spicy leaf juice has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and can be used to treat anxiety disorders. In Haiti, Moringa is also used to treat high blood pressure. In addition to high potassium, horseradish leaves also contain a special component, with the effect of lowering blood pressure. In 1992, faizi and others isolated five blood pressure components from the leaves of horseradish tree: nicotinin a, cyanin B, cyanin a, and cyanin B. This is the first time that mineralized amino acid compounds have been found in plant materials.


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