.3″ ROS, Vacuum, Hook Pad 12,000 RPM, 3/32″ Orbit-DYBX32V


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Features and Benefits:

  • 35% lighter than either our 5 or 6 Extreme for reduced fatigue during extended usage
  • 3 Pad size helps focus the sanding in smaller targeted areas
  • Uniquely designed smaller tool is ideal for sanding in tight and confined surfaces
  • Smaller grip gives greater control over the sanding surface and is helpful in hard to reach locations
  • Built in speed control allows the operator to adjust the RPM of the tool for artistic results
  • Dynabrade proudly introduces our most refined random orbital sander to date. The Dynorbital® Extreme boasts the greatest power and most consistent speed of any palm-style orbital sander. Power and speed combine to quickly and reliably produce the desired finish, while ergonomic features keep operators safe and comfortable throughout their day. Symmetrical design allows left or right-handed operators to work comfortably, while the compact size of the Dynorbital® Extreme fits naturally in most operator’s hands.

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