200g Natural Organic Moringa leaf powd-er green powd-er 80 mesh Free shipping


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modname=ckeditor Natural Organic Moringa leaf pow-der green po-wder 80 mesh Free shipping 100% natural pure Moringa leaf pow-der Product Name:Moringa leaf powd-er Botanical Name: Moringa Part Used: Leaf Appearance: Green pow-der Mesh: 80mesh Moringa powd-er is made from the freshly harvested leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. Fresh Moringa powd-er has a deep green color and a rich nutty smell. The nutrient-packed powd-er is soft and fluffy when it is pure and grown in organic conditions. It dissolves easily into water or juice and is an excellent ingredient in a variety of healthy recipes. Our 100% pure and organic Moringa powd-er is created from the fresh young leaves of organic Moringa trees. We harvest these trees every few months when they reach a height of approximately five feet. Moringa trees are second in the world only to bamboo in their speed of growth, and cutting the trees back stimulates a vigorous return of plant tissue and increased leaf production.

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