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Ships from Hong Kong. Here is the steps of the uses: 1. Tear the outer black tape and put it aside. 2. Stick the double-sided tape to the back of the overgrip. 3. Tear the double-sided tape on the end of the grip. 4. Wind the overgrip from the bottom of your racket handle to the top end. 5. Tear the tape reserved in the first step and wind it on the top end. Warm Tip: The grip have the most comfortable sensation and best sweat-absorption at the begining of use. But it would become more and more sliper as time pases on, also the bacteria is increasing gradually. To keep the health and hitting sense, we kindly suggest replacing it monthly. Dimensions (LxWxH): about 1250 x 25 x 0.75mm. Material: PU, Soft and environmentally friendly. Available with adhesive backing for easier wraping. Anti-slip, absorb moisture and comfortable feeling. Idea for all kinds of racket, also fits for fishing pole, bike/luggage handle etc.

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