2 PCS Emergency Whistles with Lanyard Double Tubes Outdoor Whistle for Camping Hiking, Sliver-PS-MUS11973091-KELLY00580-RP


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Ship from Hong Kong. Emergency situation for help,also for dog training. Looks like little item, but potentially important one, this Emergency Whistle could be a life-saver. Key ring for attachment to a lanyard or keys.This tool is ideal for camping, boating, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. One size fits most. Size: 5.6×1.8cm / 2.2 x 0.7 inches. Material: Metal Exquisite emergency whistle also nice for as accessory. Or as a whistles when you are walking with your cute dog. With bright color, lovely modelling, can be hung on for decoration Wear for long hours without any discomfort, made of high quality material, no fade and for a long time.

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