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2-Pack Microfiber 5 in. Round Applicator Pad


2-Pack Microfiber 5 in. Round Applicator Pad

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Carrand ★ Carrand

Features and Benefits:

  • Lint and streak free
  • Holds more protectant, polish, or wax
  • Extra absorbent and soft
  • Great for applying interior protectants and more
  • 2 pack refill for the gripper

Carrand’s Microfiber 5" Applicators are truly 5" unlike other marketers of similar products. There are 2 to the package and the Microfiber is lint & streak free. They also hold more protectant, polish or wax when used as an applicator. They are also very soft and are great for buffing too. These pads are also made to fit The Gripper tool produced by Carrand.

Weight 0.36 oz