10 Pc. Precision Pliers Set-SUN3612V


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Features and Benefits:

  • Universal precision pliers set designed for electronic, small appliance, jewelry repair and other detailed work
  • Non-slip, comfort grip handles for user comfort

Set includes: (361201V) 4.5" Mini Combination Pliers, (361202V) 4.5" Mini Flat Nose Pliers, Narrow Jaw, (361203V) 4.5" Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Narrow Jaw, (361204V) 4.5" Mini End Cutting Pliers, (361205V) 4.5" Mini Bent Nose Pliers, (361206V) 6" Mini Needle Nose Pliers, (361207V) 6"Mini Long Nose Pliers, With Cutter, (361208V) 5.5" Mini Long Diagonal Cutting Pliers, (361209V) 6" Mini Duck Bill Pliers, (361209V) 7" Mini Needle Nose Pliers, 22 Degree Bent

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