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plastics and pollution

Lack of respect and discipline causes this pollution.Plastic is not the culprit in the pollution of mother earth. Humans are.

Plastic is a fantastic material. Plastic is one of the greatest inventions in human history.  Plastics made the life of humans more comfortable. The stupidity and lack of discipline of humans are the causes of this plastic pollution problem. These undisciplined and abusive people and enabled by environmentalists looking for grants, have defined single-use or disposable plastics as “throw away” or more specifically “throw or dump anywhere”.  These people do not practice recycling.  They abuse and they have no respect.  Most governments in the world, instead of teaching the value of cleanliness and recycling by actually providing recycling centers, simply make laws to punish the offenders. In effect becoming ENABLERS of the polluters.

This picture is from They put the blame on plastics. Plastic is not at fault here. Abusive and filthy people are.

Now many environmentalists are pushing for the ban of plastics. The state of California passed a law banning the use of plastic straws in restaurants. They have directed their attention towards punishment rather than educating the people about recycling and the respect for mother nature. This is a typical behavior of stupid bullies with lots of power and influence.

Environmentalist are capitalizing on the bad effects of the polluters. They talk about how mother nature is suffering and then they put all the blame on PLASTICS. If these goody two-shoes environmentalists stop and take inventory of what they own, most likely they will realize that they won’t be able to do their jobs without plastics.

  • They type on computer keyboards made out of plastic.
  • They communicate on cellphones made with plastic materials.
  • They use garbage bags in their homes made out of plastic.
  • They write with pens made with plastics.
  • They travel in automobiles, planes, trains, and boats made from plastics.
  • Heck when they are sick, the tubes used to administer the life giving electrolytes are made of plastic.
  • The covid19 injection they received, were administered via the syringes made out of plastic.
  • The list can go on and on. Yet their stupidity persists because they have the funding.

They do not mention or talk about establishing recycling centers and actually making laws to teach instead of just punishing polluters. Laws that will make the subject of conservatism, cleanliness, and recycling a subject matter in Primary and Secondary schools (K-12). The idea of saving mother nature and that of Universal Stewardship must be taught at the early age. So children will grow to be adults caring, respecting and protecting mother earth.


Last Updated on September 19, 2022

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