Mindanao Sea

(Mindanao Island)



Mindanao Sea is historically named after Mindanao Island, the second largest island in The Philippines.  Mindanao Sea is one of the few inland seas found inside the extensive island archipelago of the Philippines.  Located north of the natural resources-rich island of Mindanao, the "bread basket of the Philippines," it is home to many marine species, some endemic to the area.  Mindanao Sea has maintained its official historical name for centuries until recently, when unscrupulous self-serving interests re-named it "bohol sea" in order to bring some corrupted identity to affiliated inhabitants of an island that is twenty-four (24) times smaller and less important than Mindanao Island.  It is a shame and a tragedy that many so-called international cartographic entities are following in that corrupted path and improperly re-naming the historical Mindanao Sea.  Nevertheless, the great Island of Mindanao will forever keep its namesake sea for as long as democracy prevails in this part of the country.


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