Colonizers of the Philippines

The true colonizers of the Philippines were:

  1. Islam – Muslim Sultanates – 1380
  2. Spaniards – 1521
  3. Americans – 1898

There are several books out there about who the colonizers of the Philippines were.  They name the following as the colonizers:

  1. The Spaniards
  2. The British
  3. The Americans
  4. The Japanese

Out of the 4 named above only two are correct; Spaniards and Americans. The British and Japanese invaded only but never colonized. These two attempted at the takeover of the nation but failed. The British attempted while the Spaniards were in control. The Japanese attempted while the Americans were in control. Both failed.

The historians that list these four failed to understand the meaning of the word to “colonize”. These are people with master’s degrees and doctorate degrees, yet they fail to understand the simple meaning of the word to “colonize”.

These educated historians and some of them are well publicized and celebrated failed to report the correct history as to who the true colonizers of the Philippines were. They all failed to mention the first colonizer of the Philippines. So the Filipino people are being brainwashed with incorrect information. This is what the academia of the Philippines is propagating. They continue to teach in all the schools in the Philippines that the colonizers of the Philippines were the:

  • Spaniards
  • Americans

Academia of the Philippines lie. They fail to mention that the first colonizer of the Philippines was Islam when they established sultanates in the Philippines. A sultanate is a form of government. A territory (country) that is governed by a sultan is a sultanate. Islam gives the ruler of a territory or country the title of Sultan.

The year was 1380 when Islam first arrived in the Philippines. They created sultanates in Sulu, Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon. They ruled the archipelago until the Spaniards came in 1521. So for over 140 years Islam ruled via the sultanates. They colonized the Philippines. Yet mysteriously these so called historians fail to mention Islam as a colonizer in the history books.

The historians were quick to criticize the Spaniards and Americans as the main exploiters of the Philippines. But they failed to mention Islam as the first exploiter of the Philippines and who to this date is still exploiting the Philippines. They were the first exploiting government of the Philippines, those who did not belong to Islam were pirated and sold as slaves. Slave trading was a prosperous business for the sultans of the Philippines.

Even after the Spaniards took over, the Muslims did not accept defeat. They simply backed off to the south. Later they continued raiding for slaves. When the Americans took over in 1898, the Muslims did not give in. When the Philippines was granted its independence in 1946, the Muslims saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The filipino leaders were weak. They were bamboozled with lobbying. The Muslims infiltrated the government and today, they have re-established a partial control of the country. They managed to have the weak minded Filipino leaders to change the name of Mindanao into “Muslim Mindanao” and they managed to convince the Filipino leaders to create an Islamic governed region the “Bangsamoro Autonomous in Muslim Mindanao”. They also managed to get the Filipino government to create 5 national laws upholding Islam.

The propaganda of the Muslim(Moro) is simple: “We are the oppressed.” Most non-muslim filipinos always forget that the Moros(Muslims)’s quest is not about a group of people. It is about the followers of a religion, the religion of Islam. Muslims(Morors) are not indigenous people. They are the followers of the religion of Islam.

Most non-muslims make the mistake of thinking that a Tausug is Moro(Muslim). They fail to understand that a Tausug can be a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. Yet the Muslims continue with the propaganda that the Moros(Muslims) are indigenous people and the brainwashed non-muslim Filipino people believe in these lies.

Raiders of the Sulu Sea: Even this video did not classify Islam as the original colonizer.

Life inside mother earth

There may be enough room between the upper and lower mantle (transition zone) for an entire continent with its own eco-system.

Positive finality

Image result for withering plant stock photoWhen our physical beauty has faded and the powers of our mind are dulled,

When our faces are ravaged by despair because of the infirmities of age,

When youth has deserted us and left us floundering about in a complex world,

When we can clearly anticipate the demise of this earthly temple and our need for a new dwelling place, we will know that all is not lost – we will have our love and fond memories of each other to sustain us until we reach that new land.

We will dwell in a land where there is no aging, no pain, no sorrow, no grief, and no tears. We will remain in love, together, and forever young.

The only constant that exists in both the earthly and heavenly planes is love. Only our love for each other and our souls can be transcendent.

originally written in: May 20, 1991 by Paul Hughes

Farm property for sale in pamucutan zamboanga city philippines

The city is near its completion of the cross-over road from (Between Culianan and Cabaluay) to San Ramon (Talisayan). This road will cut to about 500 meters south of this property. A great potential for any development.

  • 134 meters Cemented Road Frontage.
  • The newly built cross-over hwy (east to west) passes the property at a distance of less than 500 meters.
  • 35,000 square meters. 3.5 hectares or 8.7 acres
  • Access to Natural Spring
  • Over 200 mature trees. Enough lumber to build a house.
  • Lots of coconut and mango trees.
  • Currently operating as a farm with Cassava, Malunggay(Moringa), Cacao, Ginger and Monggo (Mung Beans). Land can be inspected with ease. Vehicles can drive in.
  • Asking 200 pesos per square meter or 7,000,000.00 pesos
  • Local Government Resolution approved for farming such as Piggery and Poultry. Barangay Resolution approved.
    • Approved by the City zoning department and the city health department.
    • The Culianan-Patalon by-pass road will pass just a few hundred meters from this property.
  • email:
  • text Jerwin at: 011-63-965-374-0208

Pamucutan property google map.png

Pamucutan title sketch plan.png

Freedom of religion

Let there be freedom of religion, but keep religion separate from government. A country that bows down to the laws of religion will one day be governed by religion.

Religion has its place. It has a way of uniting people. It is good for them to unite under a common faith.

Within a religion everybody has the same covenant or laws. But within a government there are many people with different faiths or beliefs.

Once a government upholds one religion or belief over others, then the ways of that religion will take precedence over every other religions. Prejudice and bias will prevail.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran — Sharia based

Image result for sharia law logo stock photoThe legal code of the Iranian government is based on Islamic law or Sharia.

The Islamic revolutionary guard corps was created in 1979 to help protect the government of Iran.  All of Iran’s Islamic action are based of their legal code which is based on Sharia law.

Sharia law is the seed that grows Islamic governments.  Every Islamic country in the world base their law on Sharia law.

When a non-islamic country has been bamboozled into accepting sharia law as part of their legal system, their country is open to Islamic dominance.

They start by simply saying that Sharia is just a “family law”. It is part of our “tradition” and “culture”. If you fall for this, you are done for. There isn’t any country that accepted sharia into their legal system that has been able to successfully delete sharia. Once it is in, it is there to stay and grow.

If you live in the U.S.A., there is CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). The champion for sharia law.  In the Philippines sharia is a national law with established courts all paid by the government. In Russia, the federal state of Dagestan is manipulated by sharia law. Australia has so many Islamic organizations that it is beginning to choke the legal system. Everywhere around the world Sharia law creeps in very slowly. Everywhere a muslim moves into, sharia law moves in with him or her. Sharia law dictates the lives of Muslims.

This article is not about the goodness of the human that is Muslim. I know that there are more good Muslims than bad. Muslims themselves are the victims of Sharia law.

Rocking chair therapy

The rocking chair. Kids love it. Old folks love it. It provides an instant relaxation.

My son gave me this old rocking chair. He said it was broken. So I fixed it. Now, it is in our living room. Enjoyed by anyone who visits us.

I sit on it in the early morning while having my cup of coffee looking outside the window, watching the birds on the old blue spruce (cypress) tree. It is relaxing and helps straighten my back as I rock and turn my body from side to side.

I have no scientific research as to the therapeutic properties of a rocking chair. All I know is that it works for me.

I woul like to hear your stories about what your old rocking chair means to you.

Post your stories below on the comment section.

Duterte the pawn of islam in the philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Nur Misuari, founding chairman of the known terrorist group, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) as the country’s Special Economic Envoy on Islamic Affairs to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). As announced by  the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) last December 14, 2019.

But just last March 2019 this happened:

President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Wednesday, March 20 that MORO National Liberation Front (MNLF) founder Nur Misuari has threatened to launch a war if the government fails to shift to federalism.

“Kagabi, nag-usap kami. Sabi ko, ‘Let us talk.’ Sabi niya, ‘Oh, sige. Pero ito ang gusto ko — federalism,’ (Last night, we talked… I said, ‘Let us talk.’ He said, ‘Fine, but I want federalism),” the President said during the campaign rally of his political party in Marikina City.

“Sabi ni Misuari kagabi (Misuari said last night), ‘If you do not give it to me, let me be very honest, I will go to war,’” he added.

So the appointment was a well coordinated plan.

President Duterte is indeed the pawn of Islam in the Philippines. He wants to make sure that the Philippine government will not stop financing the religion of Islam. Duterte has been bamboozling the Filipino people.

The Philippines of course has been leaning towards Islam since President Garcia took power. Every president thereafter has been bought and paid for by Islamic money. The history of the Philippines has proven it. President Duterte managed to do what the previous presidents failed to do. Under Duterte’s administration, Islam is politically stronger in the Philippines.

separate government from religions or organized ideologies

Take a look at any nation around the world. Every nation that embraces a religion always favors and puts the followers of that religion first.  That government can claim “religious freedom” all it wants but bias and prejudice are embedded in its governance.

It would be fine to embrace everything that is good from any religion or ideology as long as that government does not embrace the private organization (religion or ideology) itself.

Governments must be separate from religions or organized ideologies. Only the principles of universal stewardship must be followed. Religions and private organizations are always good for the people but they should never be embraced or financed by government.

Once a government embraces a religion or a private organization, that government will be ruled by that religion or private organization with bias and prejudice.

Most conflicts in countries start because the people feel oppressed, biased and prejudiced in the opportunity towards prosperity. Those affiliated to the same beliefs of the ruling body get served first. When service to the people is based upon association or affiliation and not legal residence or citizenship unrest among the people will persist.


Life is precious. Not just yours.Terminating the healthy life of those who have not actually deprived the life of others is wrong.

If you only perceive that you will be deprived by letting a healthy life live, then negatively act upon it, you are a slave to your vanity and greed. You are selfish. You do not think of the welfare of others but only of yourself.

All the excuses that you can come up with will revolve around your greedy choices without ever considering the possible prosperity of the other.

Life is precious. Not just yours.

Yes it is your choice. Abortion became an issue due to the demands that it should be financially supported by the government. Here are some conditions that warrants government help.

  • You have been raped. You did not entice it. You were deprived.
  • The fetus is deformed and most likely won’t survive per doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Per doctor’s advice, the pregnant woman will most likely die if pregnancy continues.

Other than the above reasons, abortion must be paid out of pocket by the pregnant woman.