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mind ki chi qi


The power of the mind, Qi, Ki, Chi

Most masters in the martial arts believe that Ki is the vital energy of the human body. That this force envelopes every human. I agree that Ki is energy. But it is not the energy of the body or an aura that surrounds the body.

Ki is actually the power of our mind or instinct derived from the energy of the spirit world. A weak mind can’t transfer the power of ki. The more disciplined and focused the mind is, the more powerful the ki is to drive our thought processes. Thought is infinite. Our thoughts resonate throughout the universe. Ki allows our thoughts to manipulate matter, time, and space. Ki is where the eternal energy of the universe touches the soul of the living being. Ki will ultimately allow us to go anywhere we imagine or think to be.

The ancients did not have much of technology to rely on. Their daily lives where much more geared towards the spirit world. Day and night were precise and the rhythm of life had clarity. More time went to the development of the discipline of the mind. The mind that is disciplined, is clear from distractions. The human mind is the engine for our thoughts. The disciplined mind helps focus our thoughts.

Two things can help an individual focus: Emotion and Tranquility. Emotion is split by love and hate. Purity of either one creates intensified focus. Tranquility which is the hardest to attain, disciplines the mind to achieve universality. Love can piggyback tranquility whereas hate stands alone. Tranquility allows the mind to experience clarity and makes it easy for the mind to focus with understanding. Anger on the other hand can create intense fury and focus without reason.

Love allows the advanced disciplined mind to focus with clarity and to wield its ultimate power of traveling beyond the dimensions of time, space, gravity and matter with the simple power of thought. Imagination is a complex thought process. It mixes reality with fantasy. However, imagination when tempered and forged with disciplined “will power”, can become a reality.

The conglomeration of our thoughts and instinct is our SOUL. When we die, our souls temporarily linger in this corporeal world; a one final look around so to speak. Depending on the power of the Ki, manifestations can be experienced by the living and the lingering can be extended and profound messages can be embedded in the psyche of the living. As our souls finally leave this corporeal realm, it is joined with God in the spirit “world” which binds the universe.

This I tell you all: “The power of the universe can be tapped by every man through Qi. Train and prepare yourselves not to be “accepted” but to be as one with the universe. Live your eternal life (corporeal and spiritual), love, share, prosper and be happy.”

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