FHM Garden Inn

Our office opens at 10am.

Phone: CP# 915-158-4743 or land line: 062-993 5446

Rates and Check in and out times

Check in is at anytime during working hours depending on the availability of rooms. Check out is before expiration of time. Checking out after expiration time will be billed with a minimum of incremental hour.

Free Wi-Fi

We have Daily and 12hr. Rates per Room..

  • Queen Suite Room (2 beds; 4 persons)- ₱1,100.00 (per day) (12 hrs ₱900.00)
  • Family Room (4 beds: 8 persons)- ₱1, 300 (per day) (12 hrs ₱1,100.00)
  • Regular Room (1 bed: 2 persons)- ₱800.00 (per day) (12hrs ₱600.00)
  • Regular Room (2 beds: 4 persons)- ₱1,000.00 (per day) (12hrs ₱800.00)

For daily rates:

  • Check In Time 11:30am
  • Check Out Time 12:00 noon the next day.

12 hour rates

  • Check in time – during business hours.
  • Check out time – 12 hours after.

Over-Stay(Excess hours) and excess Number of People

  • Excess Head – 120/head
  • Excess Hour – 100/hour

For more details or Inquiries you may call at 993-5446 or 0915-158-4743

Family Room or Group Room

The family room has 4 comfortable beds and two overhead electric fans and a 2HP air conditioning unit. This room rents for ₱1, 300 (per day) or for 12 hrs @ ₱1,100.00.

Two Bed-Bedroom

This is a big bedroom with two queen-sized beds in it.

This room rents for ₱1,000.00 (per day) (12hrs ₱800.00)

Queen Suite bedroom

Queen Suite Room (2 beds; 4 persons)- ₱1,100.00 (per day) (12 hrs ₱900.00)
The other bed is in an adjacent smaller room.
It has it’s own private bathroom.

Our Location

We are located in Porcentro, Tumaga, Zamboanga City.


We have a secured gated area.