Abanico in English is: Fan
Other similar chavacano word for “Fan” is  “Pay-pay
Other English word for “Abanico” is “

English Sentence usingFan
Chavacano Sentence using “Abanico”
1. Only girls use fans.
2. The fan is sometimes called as “paypay”.
3. Instead of saying “abanica” they say “paypay”.
4. The baby is sweating, please fan her.
5. Rarely can you see the ladies carrying fans these days.
1. Maga mujer lang ta usa el abanico.
2. El abanico tiene vez ta llama con ese como “paypay”.
3. Embes ta habla “abanica” ta habla “paypay”.
4. Ta suda gayot el bata, man paypay con ele.
5. Ralo ya lang gayot mira con el maga mujer ta carga abanico este maga tiempo.
Fan – Abanico

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