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Bullies deprive. They insult. They shred away the tiniest of leftover dignity a human has. A bully thrives on hurting people.

Only three things that you can do with bullies:

  1. Tolerate them: You can’t win so you must tolerate until you have the upper hand and are able to stop the bully.
  2. Punish them: Give them an attitude adjustment. Educate them. Inform them of what is right and wrong. Teach them about respect and kindness. Put them through counselling if needed, because a bully can be a victim too.
  3. Terminate them: When item #2 has been exhausted and the bully continues to behave the way he does, terminate him. Stop him from infecting others. Stop him from victimizing others. Stop him from creating more bullies.

This universe will be a better place without bullies.

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