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Water Memory

Every thing in contact with water shares its memory and water retains it for eternity. Water has its own memory...
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Agriculture environment

Water Pipeline, USA, East to West: Keep Lake Mead and Lake Powell full and the Colorado river estuary vibrant with life

East to West Water Pipeline. Prevents flooding and drought, it saves lives, and it helps build the economy. President Donald...
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Whitby plastic recycler denies shipping trash to Philippines

Reprinted: Original article written By Alex Ballingall Thu., Feb. 13, 2014 A Whitby businessman accused of illegally shipping mounds of...
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Why there is No Chinatown in Zamboanga City

There is no Chinatown in Zamboanga City, because the whole downtown Zamboanga City is Chinatown!
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islam Philippines Politics

Zamboanga siege (9_09_13): By Muslim (moro) terrorists

They all talk about the Zamboanga City Siege (September 9, 2013). They talk about the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front)....
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