Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil
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Flag of Anapolis, Goias, Brazil
Flag of Anapolis, Goias, Brazil
Location of the state of Goias in Brazil
Location of the state of Goias in Brazil

Location of Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil - [edit]
The city is built on a plateau at an elevation of 1,017 meters, one of the highest in Brazil. Because of this, the climate is mild without extremes and is generally cooler than nearby Goiânia.

Anápolis is the third largest city in the State of Goiás in Brazil. It lies in the center of a rich agricultural region and has become a leader in food processing and pharmaceutical plants.

History of Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil - [edit]
Became a city in 1887 

Government of Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil - [edit]
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Economy of Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil - [edit]
Anápolis is the most developed municipality in the state. It also has the fastest developing industrial sector with several high-tech companies locating in the region. Communications are excellent, with good highways connecting the city with both Goiânia and Brasília. The recently built railroad terminus also connects with major population centers of the south.

There is a large pool of educated workers produced by the several institutions of higher learning in the city. The surrounding land is excellent for intensive production of fruit like oranges, bananas, and sugarcane.

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Natural Resources of Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil - [edit]
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Tourists Attractions of Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil - [edit]

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Anapolis, Goiás, Brazil

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