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About us

Zamboanga.com is not in a shared server. We have our own independent server. Only one site in the machine.

Zamboanga.com was created in 1997 by Franklin H. Maletsky to promote the City of Zamboanga and its beautiful Chavacano language. In 2009 we incorporated the mediawiki software into our site and decided to make Zamboanga City the portal of the Philippines. The wiki database was then created. We no longer relied on pure “html” format. We created a webpage for each of the 42,045 barangays, 1489 municipalities, 145 cities, 81 provinces and 17 regions in the Philippines.

So we are always looking for collaborators to help promote the Philippines and the Chavacano language of Zamboanga city. In 2020, we decided to use the WordPress format to help enhance the site. We are inviting bloggers to join us. We will create a site for the qualified blogger at no cost and he/she will have the responsibility of maintaining his/her own site. But the core site will always be our responsibility and we will always be available for free consultation.

Our site has two types of users in two different databases.

  1. Wiki user (wiki database) – Helps edit the wiki information site – <To Register>
  2. The Blogger user (wordpress database) – <To register>

We do not ask for donations. But our mission and vision will stay true and that is to help make a better Philippines and help promote the Chavacano language.


Last Updated on July 17, 2022