Life is precious. Not just yours.Terminating the healthy life of those who have not actually deprived the life of others is wrong.

If you only perceive that you will be deprived by letting a healthy life live, then negatively act upon it, you are a slave to your vanity and greed. You are selfish. You do not think of the welfare of others but only of yourself.

All the excuses that you can come up with will revolve around your greedy choices without ever considering the possible prosperity of the other.

Life is precious. Not just yours.

Yes it is your choice. Abortion became an issue due to the demands that it should be financially supported by the government. Here are some conditions that warrants government help.

  • You have been raped. You did not entice it. You were deprived.
  • The fetus is deformed and most likely won’t survive per doctor’s diagnosis.
  • Per doctor’s advice, the pregnant woman will most likely die if pregnancy continues.

Other than the above reasons, abortion must be paid out of pocket by the pregnant woman.