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Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines


Location of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

Matina Aplaya is bounded by Tulip drive in the East, New Visayas in the North, South by Davao Gulf and West by the Muslim Village which is under Talomo District. Thirty percent (30%) of the barangay is along the Coast while the seventy percent (70%) are upland.

Geography of Matina Aplaya Davao city philippines

Barangay Matina Aplaya has a total land area of 358 hectares. Thirty percent 30% of the barangay is along the Coast while seventy percent (70%) is upland and consist of 35 puroks.

History of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

While the entire of the present Davao City was yet enveloped with the darkness and wilderness, the shoreline of Matina Aplaya were already dotted with small settlements established the native Bagobos and early Muslim settlers of the place. During the time the inhabitants were dependent on agriculture. Planting corn, rice, coconuts, abaca and other traditional agricultural crops. Shell picking, crab catching and shallow water fishing were their main source of viands. As a matter of fact, many of them came and established their residences in the place because of the said economic activities. Usually, many engaged in barter trading using their catch from the sea as their goods for exchange with food crops in the hinterland villages.

Influenced by Visayan settlers, "romblon" planting became one of the favorite pastime of the people living in the shorelines of the place. Romblon is shrub-like plants used as the raw material for making mats. This economic activity was said to be the origin of the naming of the place. Story is handed down from the early generation to the later, that when the Spaniards came, so many of the landscapes were seen matting with dried leaves of romblon while many households were dying, what is the name of the place, perhaps sensing that what was asked was "What they are doing?". The concerned natives answered, "MAGTINA". The Spaniards certainly had embedded on their minds that the name of the place is "MATINA" and since this place is along tyhe seashore, the Spaniards attached their Spanish term "APLAYA". Hence from that time up to presewnt, this is Christened, "MATINA APLAYA".

It is so sad fact to ponder that romblon plants were almost perished and can hardly be seen today because of the advent of modern technical know-how of the people in deep sea fishing and other means of livelihood activities by the Matina Aplayans. They cast aside mat weaving as their source of living.

Matina Aplaya became the melting place of Visayans,Mindanawans, Surigaonons, Dabawenyos, Zamboangenyos and other tribes who came and settled. A Surigaonon named Doña Dorotea Suazo Poster who was gifted with proper education and knowledge of documenting tract of lands for ownership, was said to be owning 1,000 hectares comprising almost all of matina including Matina Aplaya. She donated a portion of her land to the Roman Catholic Church, a cemetery near the place where she resided and Matina Aplaya Elementary School site.Although Doña Dorotea Suazo donated portions of her properties, her name was not even mentioned or the Matina Aplaya Elementary school in Matina Aplaya should have been named after her, also the DRANHS (Daniel Romualdez Aguinaldo National High School) should have been named Dorotea Suazo Poster National High School. Today the lot which she donated intended for a Roman Catholic Church site become a business hub by impostors claiming to be the the surviving heirs of Dorotea Suazo, and another site intended for Roman Catholic cemetery became a laundry business site.

The oldest chapel of Matina Aplaya is the abode of Patron Saint Nuestra Señora del Carmen situated at Purok Del Carmen named after her Honor. The sacred image was given by the early Spaniards Doña Doña Dorotea Suazo/ Emelia Poster many years before 1870 when this was offically registered in the registry office of San Pedro Cathedral. In return Doña Dorotea Suazo/ Emelia Poster donated the Patron Saint to the people of Matina Aplaya. Matina Aplayans wholeheartedly adore and believed in the divine prowess of Nuestra Señora del Carmen such that in times of personal difficulties, problems and other forms of catastrophic prevalence in the barangay, they always asked and pray for the divine intervention of the Patron Saint.Many instance of the Saint's divine miraculous interventions prevailed which will occupy unlimited spaces of this yarn if these are narrated here. Matina Aplayans are celebrating the annual Patronal Fiesta of Nuestra Señora del Carmen every July 15 and 16.

There were several set of officials handling the reins of the local government of Matina Aplaya. The most fruitful anf eventful of which was that of Barangay Captain Fernando Poliquit, the father of the incumbent Barangay Captain Jimmy D. Poliquit. Fernando's term as Barangay Captain, was blessed with so many splendor good and excellent achievements. This made him as the most adored man in Matina Aplaya. As a fact he was continuously elected and reelected for thirty years. Only death had parted him from the position. He died with his boots on April 19,1998. he was so loved by the Matina Aplayans such that whoever was his line-up candidates for kagawads who rode with his political wagon were insured to win with him. Name any existing infrastructure projects including the present Barangay Hall, rest assured that these are all Barangay Captain Fernando Poliquit vintages. Really and genuinely, he was the father and builder of MODERN MATINA APLAYA.(Sources: Historical Archives, interview with knowledgeable persons, PROF. PRISCILIANO O. ROJO) For those who are interested to buy real property concerning this area please don't hesitate to contact us the heirs of Doña Dorotea Suazo, Emelia Poster we can be reached thru this contact number 09189790287 alan/09287608184 boy/09082425507 nene.

People of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

Total Population of Matina Aplaya

Elected Government Officials of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

  • Elected Government Officials of Matina Aplaya for the term of 2013-2016
  • Punong Barangay : Cirunay, Nestor Baring
  1. Kagawad :> Javier, Allan Rojas
  2. Kagawad :> Poliquit, Jimmy De Asis
  3. Kagawad :> Guiao, Melecio Pino
  4. Kagawad :> Dela Cruz, Concordia Silva
  5. Kagawad :> Arduo, Romeo Villaflores
  6. Kagawad :> Inutan, Wenceslao Bocboc
  7. Kagawad :> Gavan, Jose Iii Buena

Matina Aplaya Elected Officers

Elected Matina Aplaya Officers For The Term Of 2007 - 2010

Businesses in Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

As time goes by, businesses flourished in the barangay. Investors clamor to grace to invest because of its good governance, security, hard working people and healthy environment. The barangay is considered to be one of the good site for different businesses, small and medium enterprises to corporations, from hotels and resorts, wet markets, grocery stores and bakeries, gasoline stations, dealerships, taxi and jeepney operators and a lot more.

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  • Businesses in Matina Aplaya
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Matina Aplaya Davao city philippines supports Philippine Cycling

Philippine Cycling is about cycling in the Philippnes. Philippine Cycling helps promote bike races, cycling clubs, bicycle tours, and the development of bicycle trails. Activities are coordinated with bike shops and cycling clubs throughout the Philippines to promote the fun of riding bikes. Philippine Cycling will be coordinating events with tour of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Road biking and mountain bikings will be promoted by Philippine Cycling.
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  • ILOILO CITY, April 27-May 2, 2015 (PNA) – Some 5,000 bikers are expected to join the second Iloilo Bike Festival slated April 27-May 2, 2015 as the city continues to aspire to become a bike-able walkable metropolis. The activity that supported by the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU) and Megaworld Iloilo aims to promote Iloilo as a safe and bike friendly city, promote the share-a-road movement encourage Ilonggos to commute via biking and raise Ilonggos awareness on the benefits of biking on health, safety and environment concerns. Read More....
  • CYCLING Le Tour de Filipinas 2015 set as country celebrates 60 years of top-caliber cycling Feb 1 to Feb 4 2015 - View the result of the race: A four stage race. Stage 1 starts in Balanga and back to Balanga for a 126K race Feb 1, 2015 (Sunday); stage 2 starts in Balanga, Bataan to Iba, Zambales for a 154.7 K race Feb 2, 2015 (Monday); stage 3 starts in Iba, Zambales to Lingayen, Pangasinan for a 150.1K race Feb 3, 2015 (Tuesday); stage 4 starts in Lingayen, Pangasinan to Baguio City, Benguet for a 101.7K race Feb 4, 2015 (Wednesday). For a total distance of 532.5 Kms. Read More >>>
  • Ronda Pilipinas: Feb 8 - 27 2015:>> Discovering young riders for the national team will be the main objective of the LBC Ronda Pilipinas 2015 when the country’s premiere cycling race hits the road on Feb. 8 in Butuan City. Ronda Pilipinas executive project director Moe Chulani said the international multistage bikathon, which ends on Feb. 27, will have two qualifying legs of four stages each in Mindanao and the Visayas where the top riders will advance to face a tough foreign challenge in the six-stage Luzon finale. Read More>>>

Real Estate for Sale or Lease in Matina Aplaya Davao City Philippines

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Schools in Matina Aplaya Davao City Philippines

As early 1930, during the Japanese colonization, the first ever public elementary school in Matina District was established, Matina Aplaya Elementary School, named after the barangay where the school is situated. It was the center of learning and a witness of the of the turmoil at that time,. This is, somehow considered as one of the heritage site in the district. Now, learning institutions flourished within the barangay, public and private schools, from elementary and kindergarten levels, that marks as a center of learning.

Public Schools:

    • Matina Aplaya Elementary School
    • Mr. Alejandro Curay - Principal
    • 306- 6069
    • Diego Silang Elementary School
    • Welma Mugas
    • Bayanihan Elementary School
    • Fe Udan

Private Schools:

    • Ark Learning Center
    • Smile Learning Center
    • Saint Ignatius School of Davao
    • Christian Learning Center

Day Care Centers:

    • Dumalag 1 Project Hope Day Care Center - Ludivina J. Escasinas - Day Care Worker
    • Dumalag II Project Hope Day Care Center - Liza Cabellon - Day Care Worker
    • Cristina Project Hope Day Care Center - Juliet Jaime - Day Care Worker
    • Teachers Village Project Hope Day Care Center - Luzviminda Mauricio - Day Care Worker
    • Malinawon Village Project Hope Day Care Center - Cherryl Tan - Day Care Worker
    • Seaside II Project Hope Day Care Center - Nila Cahambing
    • Shanghai Project Hope Day Care Center - Elizabeth Jayuma

Sports and Recreation in Matina Aplaya Davao City Philippines

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Arts and Culture in Matina Aplaya Davao City Philippines

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Economy of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

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Natural Resources of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

This page needs some articles about the natural resources of Matina Aplaya. Where does the energy source of this city come from? Are there any mining industries? Rivers and tributaries are part of the natural resources.

Tourists Attractions of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

Tourists can't help to resist to visit Matina Aplaya. The barangay is considered to be one of the tourist destination in the city, for it's rich variety of natural and man-made scenic views, effective local governance and sustainable projects.

Landmarks: Monuments or Historic buildings in Matina Aplaya Davao City Philippines

  • Upload The photos about landmarks in Matina Aplaya.

Fiestas and Traditions of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

  • Matina Aplayans are celebrating the annual Patronal Fiesta of Nuestra Señora del Carmen every July 15th and 16th.

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Families of Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

List of Families whose names are deeply rooted in Matina Aplaya.
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  • Matina Aplaya, Davao City, Philippines

Matina Aplaya, Davao City Photo Gallery

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