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Investing in Real Estate is still the best form of investment hands down no matter where you live or how old you are. Of course it makes it easier if you have the money to actually invest or put as a down payment on the property you want to buy. However, not everybody has a nest egg just waiting to be hatched into real property investments. Most of us are just hard working stiffs who are trying hard to make a living. So, "How can I invest in real estate?" you ask. You can and with the determination you will!

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Real Estate is one of the best investments in the Philippines. It is important that you find a good Real Estate Agent or agents to represent you. Real-estate-woman.jpg
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Real Estate News: January 3, 2013 12:00 AM -- MANILA, Philippines - Villar property company to sell all treasury shares - THE BOARD of property developer Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. has cleared the sale of all the company’s treasury shares to take advantage of perceived strong investor demand and in a bid to boost liquidity, the Villar-led firm said in a disclosure yesterday. “On Jan. 3, the board of directors of Vista Land authorized the company to sell all of its existing treasury shares totaling 133.91 million shares to meet demand from investors and increase liquidity of the company’s shares of stock,” the disclosure read.....Realty Full Story »

Kilometer 1, Residential/Commercial Lot, San francisco Agusan Del Sur

  • Property Type: Residential/Commercial Lot
  • Property Desc.: Residential Lot Convertible Into Subv
    • Along National Road
  • Property Address: 1 Km (Feeder Road) From Town Center-San Francisco Agusan Del Sur
  • Property Size: 20,000 Sq.M.
  • Property Price: Negotiable
  • Contact Name: Jerry Austria
  • Contact Email: Kjellaustria@Yahoo.Com

Coconut Farm, Ladgadan San Francisco Agusan del Sur

A Clean Titled Coconut farm. An upland, and a rolling farm.

  • (3 hectares)FULL of COCONUT TREES now on sale for only P150,thousand per hectare totally P450,000.00 M Peso Php.
  • It's a 7 kilometers away(car ride) Ladgadan to San Francisco Agusan del Sur. there was also an Australian neighbor owned a 3 hectares of palm oil.
  • contact; Ed, Roscom
    • +639085952028
    • 085-3641241
  • or E-mail;

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