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We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Prof. Mauro Fernández of Universidad de La Coruña (Galicia, Spain), Director of their Linguistics Department, for offering his services in helping us fill in all the missing equivalent Spanish words in the Spanish column below.  Enclosed is a copy of his contribution letter.


Dear Mr. Baños:


Thank you very much for your kind answer. I totally agree with you: it would be wrong to convert Chavacano into Spanish outright. I have some acquaintance with Chavacano (less than I would like), being myself a linguist who loves the Philippines: I have been living there for two years, and I have visited Zamboanga on several occasions.


Well, let's start with the letter A:  ( TO BE CONTINUED )


Yours sincerely:


Mauro Fernández, Ph.D.

Catedrático de Lingüística General

Departamento de Gallego, Portugués, Francés y Lingüística

Facultade de Filología

Universidad de La Coruña


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